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Why Join Livemusic? lists thousands of gigs all over the UK. We let you know who you want to see and where to catch them. We list EVERY gig in the UK and get you the best available online gig ticket deals. is also THE place to find out about the hottest bands in town; from keeping up with the bands you know - to discovering the next big things of 2012! You can follow any band and receive a gig alert whenever that band is playing a gig near you - so you’ll never miss them live again. keeps you in the picture with all the latest music news online - from idle rumour through to salacious gossip, from exclusive interviews to razor-sharp gig reviews. delivers the best in live music: online and onstage.

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With our fantastic gig finding tools you can literally find ANY GIG in town. Either search for your favourite band, search by any number of genres or search by town or city. It’s really that easy to find any gig in the UK and get your tickets. Once you’ve signed up as a member of you can then save it to your live music calendar. Boom.

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With our band discovery tools you’ll be able to find bands you already know, get suggestions for similar bands, and of course our recommendations. 2012 is set to be an absolute smash for new music and we spent many hours considering which acts we feel will make the biggest splash this year. And once you’ve signed up as a member of you can then follow any band and receive an alert whenever they’re playing a gig near you. So you’ll never miss them live. Result.

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At we keep you up-to-date with the great and the good in the music scene. From the cool and contemporary to the mass appeal of stadium stars, we have all the latest news and regularly update our punters with exclusive interviews, razor-sharp reviews, awesome live music videos and up-to-the-minute music news. It’s a full time job, but hey, we love doing it!

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