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A LIVE&LOUD VenueThe Dalston Vic

The Dalston Vic
  • The Dalston Vic
  • Location: London
  • 451 Queensbridge Road, Dalston | 020 7275 1711
  • Capacity: 150     Upcoming Gigs: 0

About The Dalston Vic

LMFM Says: 
Understated from the outside, you'd be forgiven for passing by thinking it was your average east-end boozer. But head inside, poke your head round the door at the side of the bar and your greeted by an awesome 150 capacity venue, equipped with stage and full PA system.

Steadily becoming one of the cities gem's, they're open to all types of music and the gigs have a fantastic atmosphere. The Vic is also LiveMusic's flagship London venue for our Live&Loud gigs- so get yourself down there to check it out!
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