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The Walkmen at The Forum Review

The Walkmen - HMV Forum

The Walkmen have been at the top of their game for over ten years now, producing albums that are consistently loved by their followers and carving out their own distinct sound. Their latest offering, 'Heaven' has been met with great critical acclaim and was apparently their easiest to write. It is off this album that their latest show is based.

From the off set it is clear that we are in the presence of a well oiled machine that takes it's music and it's sound very seriously. The first song we get is a solo venture from Hamilton Leithauser as he beautifully quietens the crowd with 'line by line'. It is incredible how his distinctive crisp voice has the ability of capturing the attention of the whole crowd and silencing all talkers in the audience. Once attention is grabbed we are straight away thrown into the tempo charged 'Heartbreaker', lifting up spirits and setting a precedent for the sing-along that ensued.  

Other songs played from 'Heaven' include snappy 'The Love You Love', melodic 'We Can't Be Beat' and title track 'Heaven', which seemed to have many of the crowd singing like football fans. This was not just Heaven based material as we were treated to a plethora of older favourites, such as the ever impressive, groundbreaking 'The Rat', a heavy crowd bouncing version of 'Angela Surf City' and a dark pounding 'All Harms And The Cook'.

It is amazing to see the true power of this band live as they are a real tour de force, setting a higher standard for live bands the world over. This is all led by the towering and sharply dressed stature of lead singer Hamilton Leithauser who controls the stage and screams his emotionally charged songs with such feeling that you can see all the viens in his neck stand out. This caries on all the way to the end, as we see him exit stage front, through the giant crowd, hugging and shaking hands with fans as his band play on. Rock 'n' Roll indeed.


Reviewed by Julian van Gils

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