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LostAura at The Enterprise Review

Lostaura @ The Enterprise, Chalk Farm


Having read a bit about 5 piece Brighton rockers Lostaura prior to seeing them at Chalk Farm’s Enterprise I was intrigued to discover how such big songs would be delivered on such a size restricted stage with front man Dave McCormack’s keyboard crammed in centre stage with barely an inch to spare.  Well the answer presented itself within a storming set, full of energy, guts and charisma.

Such showmanship was typified when McCormack eased himself up onto his stool with a technique I am sure we’ll see more of in London come 2012 as Chevron came to a close. With a sort of pirouette, the final notes of the song were played with his feet whilst standing on his stool.

By this point the room was full and the crowd had warmed up to a band that seemed to be well within their comfort zone.

A fine set was delivered so confidently with the air tight rhythm section consisting of drummer David Jackson- Mayo and bassist Kevin Anderson whilst guitarists Lewis Adams and Craig Montgomery projected an impressively psychedelic and explosive wave of noise.

With ‘Call It A Night’ and ‘Chevron’ positioned as tracks 2 and 3, Lostaura seemed to be peaking pretty early in the set. But it is apparent that this is an outfit that can maintain a performance and hold the energy and atmosphere in a room.

After a few puzzling exchanges with the audience, McCormack seemingly still reaching for dizzier heights, we were treated to a winning cover of Florence and the Machine ‘The Dog Days Are Over’ which strengthens the case for Lostaura’s signature sound being able to hold its own.

 And if McCormack had not quite reached the heavens by the end of the set, Lostaura concluded with the massively uplifting ‘Beside You’ leaving us with an overbearing question? How long will it be until we see Lostaura in a place big enough to house them?


Kim Astley Cooper

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