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Clutch at KOKO Review

Live Review - Clutch @ Koko

The worst thing about seeing Clutch live is the fact you'll walk out of the door just 10 minutes after they leave the stage, and just want to watch them all over again. Not because you've witnessed a shockingly short set, but just because Clutch really are that good.

Performing a one off, sold out show at Camden's Koko, Clutch take us on a journey through their massive 10 album back catalogue. Although they have shown a penchant for the hard fast rocker on their newest release 'Earth Rocker', and open tonight's show with the suitably up tempo 'Pure Rock Fury' from 2001's release of the same name, Clutch haven't turned their backs on slowing it down to a half time groove. After ripping through '50,000 Unstoppable Watts', 'Texan Book of the Dead' & 'Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks' Clutch find their groove during the 'The Yeti' and by the time they kick into 'Big News 1' Jean Paul Gaster’s exceptional drumming is in full flow and Koko is going crazy.

It's the moments when Clutch take a few minutes to jam, and stretch outside of the planned set list when they show that they really can play. Fantastic musicianship that was born on the road, not in a bedroom that means even the most complex drum solo still keep a beat, therefore momentum rolling. Tim Sult's solos never show off, always adding atmosphere over Dan Maines solid thick baselines. All this creates a sturdy footing for front man, Neil Fallon to preach from to the sweaty congregation of bodies, hanging off his every word.

New songs, 'Earth Rocker' & notably 'The Wolfman Kindly Requests' really shine live, showing a return to form from the (in my opinion) disappointing 'Strange Cousins From The West'. For a band that has been touring for so long Clutch it's brilliant they manage to deliver songs with integrity and passion, that'll keep them on the road for many more fine years.

By the time the band encore with 'The Elephant Riders' (possibly the most a song in 7/8 has ever grooved) and 'Animal Farm' I could barely believe 20 songs had passed and I was standing outside in the cold London air.

With 20 years touring under their belts Maryland's finest have become a truly honed musical beast, and tonight have reinvigorated my love for them.

Honestly, Clutch are still one of the best live bands around, when they are back in the autumn you'd been a fool to miss them.



Pure Rock Fury

50,000 Unstoppable Watts

Texan Book of the Dead

Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks

The Yeti

Big News I / Big News II

Earth Rocker

Gravel Road

Crucial Velocity

Profits of Doom

The Mob Goes Wild

A Shogun Named Marcus


The Wolfman Kindly Requests

Electric Worry

One Eye Dollar


The Elephant Riders

Animal Farm

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