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Lana Del Rey at The Ruby Lounge Review

Lana Del Rey – Live – The Ruby Lounge.


You know your future is looking bright when you’re causing a media frenzy just one single into your career. And if you’re looking for a diverse popstar, then look no further than Lana Del Rey. Seriously, this woman is a package.

When ‘Video Games’ reached number 9 in the UK charts people would have been scratching their heads with confusion. A good confused state of course. Who is she? Where is she from? How many songs has she released? The fact of the matter is, she is still finding her feet. I hate to use the expression ‘overnight success’ but I’m making an exception for it this time. The powers of Youtube have come up trumps again. This time, though, for a very worthy artist.

All the talk surrounding Del Rey has been of mixed opinion. Those lips are fake; she’s not genuine; she’s a wannabe. All are quotes that show an ignorance towards her music. The 24-year-old New Yorker is a star in the making. She has all the attributes and an angelic uniqueness. Tonight, she plays her first gig in Manchester.

Taking to the stage in an virgin white dress, the most striking thing about Del Rey is the shyness she portrays. She is gracious in her presence and has a fixating power about her, something all pop stars try to capsulate, she does so with ease. While stage props of globes project film reels, it becomes clear a journey is about to take place. One that resembles a paramount production.

Her voice is stunningly captivating, like a blossoming explosion of finely tuned brilliance as she breaks into set opener ‘China Doll’. ”I’ve just shot the video for this one in Paris” she announces as ‘Born To Die’ soon follows. The nerves are visible as her voice wavers, but it’s a content nervousness, one that sucks out the songs insides and renders to emotion.

It becomes apparent that Del Rey is now beginning to live a fairytale. The one all young girls dream of and strive for, is now becoming a reality. Her home-made videos of grainy Hollywood lifestyles, icons, cars and a free-way of life are clearing something she has an appetite for. It’s a lifestyle she could now so easily have.

As ‘Blue Jeans’ expresses diversity in her voice she sings “promise you’ll remember that you’re mine” in the most allusive of tones. Delivering a song which offers heart-break, finely moulded into a moment of elucidation. “I can’t take it” pleads Del Rey. Trying to disguise a tear drop from her eye. A moment that sums up her humbled welcome by the Manchester crowd.

The arresting ‘Video Games’ is a quite phenomenal track. The distinctive constituents of the song are what attracted millions to Youtube. It’s just simply ambrosial and flourishes with perfection. The build-up of the song teases the crowd into a fixated glare of the songstress. A moment that will be talked about with abundance.

The wise decision to leave ‘Off To The Races’ for the set closer is a good one. It shows her locker has a bulk of intelligence, and will silence the ‘one trick pony’ whispers. Soon enough that locker door will be opened wider, only then, will we be able to weight up the stereotypical murmurs.

Tonight has left an overwhelming sense of humbleness over the crowd. Just a few months ago Del Rey was unheard of, and now the world is becoming a very tasty oyster for the singer to devour. A monumental moment has been delivered with elegance and professionalism as she leaves the stage, hesitantly,  from a production that can only be described as paramount.


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