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Kid Koala, The foo fathers at O2 Academy Islington Review

Kid Koala live

Last night was one hellishly dreary night in London. It ranks up there with the grossest evenings of 2012 thusfar if you ask me. If you were out in it you will know (and agree), if you were not then lucky you. Torrential rain, gale force winds, insatiably busy streets being bossed and dominated by the brolly brigade and temperatures that were cold, but when added to the rain soaked clothing and the wind chill factor made for comprehensive coldness.


Not that I was complaining, I was nicely drunk after making my now ritualistic Thursday adventures around the galleries of East London. Trust me, it is not just about the first Thursday of each month, it is about all the Thursdays, and having met my bezzie bez we zig zagged across London and London's underground network before rising back to the surface in Angel town. 


The weather had not changed, but the HQ for the evening's main event was only a stones throw away...


Having been lucky enough to see Kid Koala's last visit to London as part of his Space Cadet tour, you could forgive me for rating the O2 Academy in Islington as a bit of a weird venue choice for Kid Koala's return to our shores. It is a decent venue but lacks the kind of intimacy that an artist like Kid Koala thrives upon. He loves to talk to the crowd and engage on a personal level, however, it did not take long to discover why such a venue switch from Village Underground to the O2 had been made this time around. 


In stark contrast to the Space Cadet showcase, Kid Koala's latest stage show was a party. Nothing more, nothing less. No crowd participation was required this evening apart from the traditional box ticking formula ...


I'll play the records, juggle the records and hit the buttons and you lot down there will dance...


And that is exactly what happened. 


The highlight for me has to be Kid Koala's homage to his daughter with the juggletastic 'In The House' routine. Donning the koala onesie and playing out his "daughter's favourite song" was and is always a sight to behold. The thing that I love so much Eric San is that no-one spins records like this guy. No-one else there does it quite like him and he knows this. As a result, he puts his own spin (see what I did there) on the world of music with a smile on his face, arguably the biggest smile in show business. Aside from Steven Tyler's of course, but Steven Tyler doesn't smile as much as Kid koala so Kid Koala wins. 

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