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Devil Sold His Soul, Heart of a Coward, Heights, Metal Hammer Razor Tour, Steak Number Eight at The Fleece Review

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Wednesday night, the mid week slump often gets people down (tick tock till the weekend) but not last night! As Heart of a Cowards front man Jamie Graham (Ex-Sylosis) said, the weekend started there! He was not lying! 

Heart of a Coward (HOAC) was the first band I saw that night. True to their previous reviews and recommendations, they pumped full on chuggy, djenty, and hardcore heavy metal songs down our throats! They ruled the stage and the crowd were with them on this one. The band looked like they were having a lot of fun, and although the band had felt a little out of schedule with the other bands, they new how to put on a show. 

Heights put on a performance suitable for the hardcore fans. If you like simple, heavy hardcore then check this band out. They had great crowd interaction, kept some of the kids happy with their slam dancing and were entertaining to watch..... for a while. 

Headlining was Devil Sold His Soul. They pulled a fair crow and everyone in the venue were grooving with this band throughout. A sense of nostalgia rung through the evening as they tore through some old and new material. The band were tight, put on a great performance and were entrancing at times.  As a first time for me, they really impressed me with their professional musical approach and even treated us to two encores!

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