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Livemusic meets Anamanaguchi

To follow up from our review of their triumphant show at the Garage, we managed to get a few word with Peter Berkman and Ary Warnaar of Anamanaguchi fame. So to learn about Twitter bots, and the recycling Haribo, read on.

How'd your first UK shows go?
Ary: Rlly rlly rlly great!!!! Can't believe we weren't deported!!!!
Pete: We had an incredible time!! Can't wait to go back in February. It was unbelievably hot on stage in London so I couldn't really enjoy myself - but when it's full-on jacket weather that'll be a bit different.
Who are your biggest musical influences?
Ary: Dragon Force, Zedd, Leftover Crack, Spice Girls, Zomby's twitter.

Pete: I personally love really well-composed music no matter what genre it is.Stuff like Goblin, Zedd, Yasutaka Nakata (Perfume/Capsule/Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) - things that are technically interesting in the arrangement. Of course I've got an incredibly soft spot for pop music, punk music and everything inbetween: Britney Spears, Choking Victim, The Beach Boys, Nirvana, Weezer. I love it when music sounds simple but isn't :)
Is Chiptune back, did it ever arrive, or leave?!
Ary: Umm it's been around and is still around?? Idk, we're not really chiptune ambassadors or anything...

Pete: Chip sounds started with programmers in the 80s, then was recontextualized by hacker producers in the 2000's, and now Britney Spears & Nelly Furtado have it in their tracks. It's just kinda there no matter what we do - I dunno, we aren't trying to "bring" chiptune anywhere, we're just doing what we feel really!
In the early days how did you go about getting noticed?
Ary: Playing a lot of shows, posting music for free online, not being scared to play shows with artists that sound nothing like us…
Pete: Putting the music out there on the Internet and playing shows in NYC with awesome bands. We played at DIY spaces like Death By Audio and Market Hotel with people that were doing completely different, wild stuff. We also got put on 4chan's homepage when the site went down in like 2005 then all of a sudden our MySpace totally blew up hahaha!
How did you grow your fan base?
Ary: We spent all our money paying twitter bots to follow us so we would look popular!!
Pete: We watered it every single day and made sure it got plenty of sun.
Is there one event in particular that kick started your career?
Ary: When we imported Luke from LA to NYC is when it started to feel really official ;)
Pete: It was an incredibly important shift when all four of us got together. There was a time when everything was informal and the lineup was in flux (James playing in another band, Luke living in LA) but once we settled in, things started moving much better. We've all got specific tastes that have some overlap and we're always happiest when all of us like the songs the same.

Any advice for new bands?
Ary: Don't spend all your money paying twitter bots to follow you.. (it was a great idea when we did it, but it's played out now.) Just make good music and don't be scared to share it with people!!
Pete: Have fun n_n
Any interesting stories from the road?
Ary: We were on the beach in Brighton at like 3:00AM and James threw a Haribo candy really high in the air, caught it in his mouth, spat it back up really high in the air, and then Luke caught it in his mouth!! It was gross!!!! Fun!!!!!!
Pete: Sooooo much breakfast & tea. New York has a lot to learn from you guys.
What equipment do you use to make your music?
Ary: Software: Milky Tracker, FamiTracker, Nerd Tracker 2, LSDJ + fancy stuff (abelton, logic) + totally normal band instruments!!
Pete: Anything we can!! I want scientists to mail us stuff that's not even out yet.


Make sure you catch Anamanaguchi when they return to our shores in February!

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