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Livemusic caught up with The Lines ahead of their upcoming UK tour. We’re very proud to bring you this exclusive because frankly they kick the kaka into most contemporary indie troupes. We can also hip you to some breaking news; get your bad selves over to on May 7th, not only will you be able to get your hands on a free download of ‘No Illusions [No Cheap Tricks]’ but they will also be dropping ‘some big news that day’.

Now, have you ever felt the cold steel of dystopia clamp you into a vice of pessimism? Has ‘the man’ asked one too many questions of you? Do you desire self sufficiency in the wilds of the Grampian highlands where you can dance the feral ballet of the shaman? Have you been wrapped in fantasies of killing your boss? Well The Lines new video will warm your cockles! Check it out above and for God’s sake get down to the 100 Club on May 3rd!

The ‘No Illusions’ EP will be available from June 24th and can be snagged early from one of these forthcoming shows:


·         03.05. 100 Club London

·         04.05. O2 Academy 2 Manchester

·         05.05. O2 Academy 2 Birmingham

·         06.05. The Mountain Ash. Cardiff

·         08.05. Epic Studios. Norwich

·         09.05. Civic Hall. Shildon

·         10.05. Brudenell Social Club. Leeds 

·         11.05. Maggie Mays. Glasgow


Livemusic interview – The Lines:


Does your band name refer to train travel, cocaine or neither?

There is many a myth about the naming of The Lines. Some say that Dean was so bad at school he was made to stay behind night after night to write lines apologising for his bad ways. Legend has it that he wrote that many, he wanted to name the band after his favourite past time. Others say that a Nan of one of the members named the band after her success on 'lines' at the bingo, but never quite the full house. A more recent one is that Paddy used to work for Severn Valley rail on the train lines. There is many a myth but we couldn't possibly tell you how the name originated. If we did we'd have to kill you!


How did you come together as a band?

The band seemed to form by accident really. It was never our intention to take it so serious. Me (Al) and Dean used to learn songs together, just messing about on guitars n’ what not and decided to start writing our own stuff. We've had a few different line ups but the line up as it is came about getting friends in from bands that had split up. We've known Pad and Dan for a long time as we used to go and watch their bands before we started The Lines. It sort of made sense to get them in as we knew their playing style and they knew our songs. We're really happy with the line up at the moment and have been busy writing a lot of new material over the past year. 


Tell us a little about the music industry today – has it suffered with the rise of the internet?

The music industry hasn't necessarily suffered with the rise of the internet. If anything the internet has made music more accessible and more competitive. There are bands and artists all over the world getting a chance to do their thing, off their own back; they wouldn't necessarily have been able to do that before the internet. It has its pros and cons but then what doesn’t. 


What sort of music has informed The Lines’ sound – or have you forged a unique path?

We believe we walk our own 'Line'...another myth, but let’s not go into that. We are inspired by so many artists from different genres of music; we hope that shows in our music. We have never been about following the trends or flavour of the week, we've always just done our thing and if people like it then that’s all good with us.


Who would you rather spend the rest of your days on a desert island with, David Beckham or Bruce Forsyth?

Brucie for sure


What would rather fight: 10 horses the size of ducks or 1 duck the size of a horse?

Ooo good question. Depends how big a duck the size of a horse is. If it was the size of a Shetland pony then I reckon I could take it...any bigger then fuck that. Let’s go with 10 horses the size of ducks...what’s the worst that could happen.


What is the best gig you’ve ever played?

It’s really hard to pick a single gig as we've had lots of memorable gigs for different reasons. I think I'd have to say the first time we sold out the Wulfrun Hall (in Wolves). It was an amazing feeling, emotional in many ways. There was an enormous sense of achievement and looking out at the crowd made the hairs stand up on my arms. We're so grateful for the support we get from people because it's genuine...we haven't been rammed down their throats and hyped up and when a gig like that comes together it’s hard to put into words the feelings you get.

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Is that a Goth alt metal band? Never heard of em.


What can we look forward to from The Lines?

We're just in the process of releasing an EP which we're heading out on tour to promote. We kick start that in London at the 100 Club on the 3rd May. We're also looking to release a second album as we've been writing and recording a lot of new songs lately. The usual gigs and festivals will fill up most of our calendar I'm sure and we've got something big lined up for the end of the year but I have to keep my lips sealed about that else I'll be shot.

Posted 3rd May by Livemusic Team
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