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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is a new online community for live music fanatics all over the UK. Once you've set up a punter profile, you'll be able to create a calendar of the best live gigs in your area and, if you're sufficiently blown away (or even let down) then post a review. You'll also be able to tell about any upcoming gigs we haven't heard about, or write a review of one we missed. We're always looking for regular contributors too, so if you want to become one of our lmfm reviewers then let us know by emailing us at the bottom of this page.

- We pride ourselves on providing the best live music listing in the country and, of course, you can not only buy a ticket but we’ll give you a choice from who you buy it from so you get the best price or ticket available!

- You’ll also be able to tell about any upcoming gigs we haven’t listed for, or write a review of one we missed.

You can follow bands or tag venues and receive an email when a gig is posted near you – then you’ll be the first to know when your favourite bands are about to play in your backyard. And any gig you add to your calendar will also send you a reminder email on the day of the gig. Your gig-going calendar has never been so easily managed!

If you want to take advantage of all of the amazing functionality that will make running your live music life easier than you could possibly imagine then sign up!

- Once you’ve landed on the be all and end all of live music sites you’ll need to create your own profile so that you can take full advantage of all the amazingly useful things LMFM has to offer.

- Setting up your account is easy. All we need is your name, an email address, your home town, and a few details about what kind of music floats your boat. Simply hit Sign Up and follow the step-by-step instructions. And if you like, you can even connect your Facebook account to let all your mates know what you’re up to.

- Once you’re through the door, simply upload a mugshot of your phizog,  follow some bands (you can even import your bands if you like) and start adding gigs to your calendar. You can add venues as faves and receive listings, and tag your favourite reviews so they’ll all be in one place. And if you wanna get involved in the part then how about writing a review yourself and uploading any great live pics you have.
- You can also choose whether you want to allow other like-minded punters to contact you. Stalkers need not apply or we’ll delete your dirty mac-wearing profile…or worse we’ll send Lemmy round to pay you a visit!

- As soon as you have checked out the Gigs tab you can then use the Quickfinder (by typing in a band’s name) or use the Rangefinder (by typing in a range of dates and location) or just set the backyard of the calendar and pick a date.

If that’s too much hassle just use the search in the top right hand corner and try your luck there – don’t forget to refine your search when it returns your results, by using the right hand column filters.

- As soon as you’ve signed up all you need to do is find the gig that you fancy checking out then click the Add to my Calendar link and that gig will be added to Your Gig Calendar. These are always shown as days highlighted in blue in any listings and in Your Gig Calendar on your user dashboard. If you want to check out your calendar at any time just click your name or picture in your logged in block (top right) and you’ll be spirited directly to the dashboard on your user homepage

Your Gig Calendar enables you to not only keep track of all of you upcoming gigs but also keeps all the gigs you have rocked up to so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a music journo then writing a review is one click away!

- On pretty much every page you’ll see a large Share  button – this allows you to share on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, or post to any number of mates in your Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or pretty much any other online address book.

- If you have logged in using Facebook, you can also opt to share posts and comments on there as well, using the Facebook connect service.

- Buying a ticket couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve found the perfect upcoming gig for you just click on the gig from the listings and you’ll find all the links to buy tickets.

- Clicking on a buy ticket link will take you through to one of our ticketing partners where you can make your purchase.

- We try and list as many options as possible for each event so you can choose not only who you buy your ticket from but also how much you spend!

- To read a review all you need to do is click on Reviews tab, select the review from the list of reviews and read away. You can also use the QuickFinder to enter a band’s name or use, the good old search box in the top right hand corner. If you liked what you read you can add it to your favorites or share it with a friend.

- If you can’t find a review of a gig you rocked up to then you can always write it yourself. Please see Writing a Review below.

- Blown away by a great gig and want to tell the world about it? All you need to do is find your gig in the archived gig listings by using the top right search or use the Archive Gig Finder (right hand side of the gig landing page). Once you’ve found it click on Add a New Review and get writing. You can also add a photo if you had the presence of mind to capture it. And don’t forget to click Add Me, I was There if it wasn’t already in your diary.

- If you can’t find the gig in the archived gig listings then you’ll have to add it using the Add a New Gig form found on the Gigs landing page – once again you’ll be able to add the gig only if the Band and the venue already exist ion our database.

- If you fancy yourself as a bit of a music critic (lets face it, we all do!) then you can regularly write for us, simply get in touch by emailing us directly at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

- We have literally thousands of bands just waiting to be checked out, which we are constantly adding too. We break these down to Featured Bands (bands we personally recommend), LMFM Favs (a collection of our favourite bands) and everyone else. Most of the data is culled from MusicBrains and – but don’t forget to check out the LMFM Says on all our favourite bands

- If you think that you know an band that should on our Featured list then let us know at [email protected]

- We try and list for as many venues as possible, whether it’s your local sing-a-long battle cruiser or The O2, you’ll find them all here on LMFM.

- And if we don't list the venue you're after then you can add it yourself via the Add a Gig tab in the Gigs section.

- Your Backyard is the location that you consider to be your base. All info you search for will use your backyard first and then others. It’s easy to change your backyard within your Profile, just click Edit Profile – and don’t forget on most of the pages you can swap the location on the fly to check out gigs in other town by using the appropriate drop-down filter.

- We list far more gigs than you could possibly ever hope for and they are updated every single day! On the homepage the big counter on the animated panel tells you how many gigs there are for the current month in your location.

- If you want to let people know about an upcoming gig or if you think that LMFM are missing a vital venue or band then let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

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