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The Black Keys

About The Black Keys

The Black Keys are a two-man blues-rock group from Akron, Ohio, United States which formed in 2001, consisting of singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney. The band name was inspired by a schizophrenic artist and friend in Akron, who used the term "black keys" to describe things he disliked or people he did not trust. The Black Keys have roots in traditional blues and psychedelic rock stylings.

LMFM Says: 
Many people's favourite rock outfit, there is no denying the sustained growth of this duo from Ohio on the world of planet rock. Seven studio albums deep, their latest effort 'El Camino' being arguably their finest, it seems that there is no stopping The Black Key's machine from trundling onwards. Then again, who would want to stop them?

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