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About Taboo

There is more than one artists named Taboo :

01) A member of American hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas

02) A Japanese Hiphop artist and Member of MSC

03) A German eurodance project

04) A popular Mexican group;

05) A skopian pop duo

06) An Iranian alternative group

07) A Norwegian 60's psychedelic rock group.

08) A Belgian electronic artist, part of the new beat movement.

09) A British band produced by Keith West

10) Post-punk band formed by members of UK punk group Violators

1) Taboo is a member of popular hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas alongside Fergie,, and He is also currently working on his solo project, which will feature a number of guest appearances from other popular musicians.

2) Taboo is a Japanese Emcee/Graffiti Writer from Tokyo, he is a member of MSC

3) Taboo is a German eurodance project produced and arranged by Nico Dee and Piero Brunetti. Taboo released the hit "I Dream Of You Tonight".

4) Taboo es de origen mexicano. "No hablo español tan bien como quisiera, pero lo entiendo y sé darme a entender. Mi papá nació en Morelia (México). Pero tampoco olvido mi otra herencia: mi mamá es una india shoshone, que nació en Los Angeles, pero viene de Dakota", explica el rapero.

- Se declara fanático de las antiguas canciones de Vicente Fernández, Pedro Infante y del rock de Molotov. Y aunque sabe que Juanes no es mexicano, es su "fan número uno".

5) Taboo is a new Macedonian pop duo of 2 girls.Their biggest hit is "Abrakadabra".The girls from the duo were originally Tea and Victoria (Victoria represented Macedonia on JESC 2003) and they are 16/18 years old. Now the blonde Victora has been replaced with Maria.

6) Taboo is also an Iranian alternative group.

7) The Norwegian Taboo was formed in the ashes of Asbjørn Krogtofts 1-2-6 and released only 2 singles. Other known members of Taboo were Sverre Kjelsberg from The Pussycats, probably the most popular Norwegian band in the 60's and Arne Schulze from The Quivers and Popol Ace.

8) There is also a musical called Taboo, with lyrics by Boy George, and music by George and Kevan Frost.

9) A British band, produced by Keith West, who released a version of the theme tune of the TV show 'The Prisoner', b-sided with an instrumental piece titled 'Hypnotique'.

10) UK post-punk band formed by the guitarist Coley and singer Helen of the punk group Violators. They only recorded a 3 song studio demo, which can be found on the Violators compilation album "The No Future Years".

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