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About Spector

There are two bands called Spector. 1. Spector the five piece band from Dalston, London. Made up of Frederick Macpherson, Christopher Burman, Thomas Shickle, Danny Blandy and Jed Cullen The band, who are fronted by former Les Incompetents and Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man singer Fred MacPherson, will be supporting Florence And The Machine on their forthcoming arena tour. They will join The Horrors on the jaunt, which kicks off in March 2012

LMFM Says: 
There is no point in beating around the bush here, SPECTOR ARE GOING TO BE HUGE IN 2012. We are talking Godzilla smashing the shit into a city huge. Is Livemusic happy about this fact? Absolutely yes. Should you all run to the shops and grab their debut album when it comes out? Affirmative.

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