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About Solange

Solange Piaget Knowles (born June 24, 1986), who performs under the mononym Solange, is an American recording artist, songwriter, actress, model and dancer. She is the younger sister of R&B singer and actress Beyoncé Knowles and was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Showing an interest in music recording at an early age, she eventually broke into the music scene at 16. She has released two studios albums: Solo Star in 2003 and Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams in 2008.

LMFM Says: 
Beyonce who? Big Knowles little sister Solange has always been there or there abouts. She has flirted with the world of music in years gone by as if she has been waiting for something. A perfect moment to release an album? An ideal producer? Permission from her pops? We will never know the exact reason why Solange has taken so long to dip fully into the music mainstream, however, her recent single 'Losing You' is enough for her to make our list. Under the expert tutelage of Blood Orange, Solange Knowles looks set to explode in 2013 in more spectacular fashion than that ninja in Big Trouble In Little China.

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