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Second Skin

About Second Skin

Second Skin formed from the ashes of Seattle based band Flesh of my Flesh by frontman Arron. Flesh of My Flesh appeared on one of the first ever Gothic tribute CDs "First Last and Forever" on Cleopatra Records where a who's who of Gothic Rock bands paid tribute to their own, this CD launched a host of groups Like the last dance, Eleven Shadows, Wreckage and the Shroud. Second Skin was formed in 1992 and has played with everyone from Rozz Williams both Christian Death and Shadow Project to the Mission UK and have been featured on over 30 compilations, EPs and albums. Second Skin was also featured in the Movie title "Liberata Me" named after one of the bands songs, "Liberata Me" won best short subject at the New York Film Festival, director Pearry Teo then cast Arron in the follow up film "Children of the Arcana" Arron played the gate keeper of Purgatory. Recently the band's newest release, Illa Exuro In Silentium the band's fourth studio album is the long awaited follow up to the band's Black Eyed Angel that appeared in 1995. Illa with its live drums and versatile range has been dubbed by critics that know the genre as a breath of fresh air in a scene that was stockpiled in copy cat bands trying to re-live past glories of more established band. Second Skin's new approach seem to have kept the things that fans loved and increased and explore sounds outside of the same old formula.

Arron of Second Skin

     - Second Skin - Liberata Me (2005)

     - Second Skin - Still My Love (2007)

     - Second Skin - Misery Loves (1993)

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