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Jamie N Commons

About Jamie N Commons

Jamie N Commons is an unlikely 22 yr old  blues singer. Born in Bristol, then moved to Chicago at the age of 6, came back over here at 16 and moved to London when he was 18. During  his 10 year spell in CHi town he came across the Blues and the first gig he went to with his dad was to see the Allman Brothers. Since that moment he has not looked back and has passionatley learnt the blues and become obsessed with it. His deep voice and songs full of religious undertones of Glory and Hell-fire have got him on The BBC Sound of 2012 list. He has released one E.P. called "The Baron" and there is an an album on the way.

LMFM Says: 
Jamie N Commons is a young man in the body of a legendary bluesman. There is no ignoring the soulful warblings of this star in the making. His debut EP 'The Baron' is a work on wonder and must not be slept upon. Think Jonny Cash, think Tom Waits, think unbelievably excellent.

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