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Grizzly Bear

About Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is an indie/folk rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Their music uses melody and ambiance in conjunction with hazy-eyed choruses, whistles, piano, banjo, and several woodwind instruments. Grizzly Bear was originally the solo project of Edward Droste (vocals/guitar), who recorded his debut album Horn Of Plenty at home. The record was originally meant for his friends, but it eventually circulated and got a proper release in 2004, this time with the help of Christopher Bear (drums/vocals). A re-release with a bonus disc of remixes was issued in 2005.

LMFM Says: 
The unique blend of beautifully haunting vocal harmonies and alternative experimental musicianship sets Grizzly Bear apart from other bands in their genre bracket. They have continued to stun audiences around the world and are only going to get better.

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