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A LIVE&LOUD BandCulprit

About Culprit

THE CULPRIT Rudely, behind your back, just when you weren't looking, Culprit emerged. What started out two years ago as a pet project for frontman Gill, and cohorts Sneds, Paul, Lee and promoted by Talfryn Hodgkinson; with recent additions by The Reverend and Gav Whelan; Culprit have now truly cemented a melodic & catchy set of tunes that will more than surprise you, but grab you and engage you. Gill’s warm, sincere vocals rising above the tight rhythms, will get you movin and groovin. Culprit’s drum and percussive anchor, Gav Whelan, is the genuine article; a troubadour from Manchester's early Factory stable. It's been 28 years since this founding member of James arrived on the scene; but like with every true, discerning musician, the primal passion for beats and rhythms, only gets more powerful and refined with time. Reference what you like; Culprit know their musical onions. But it's no real surprise is it, really... talented musicians with a true pedigree, the wrong side of forty, but the right side of the tracks. You saw them coming...didn't ya?
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