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Arcade Fire

About Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is an orchestral indie rock band which formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2003. The band consists of Win Butler (vocals, guitar, piano), RĂ©gine Chassagne (vocals, accordion, keyboards, hurdy gurdy, drums), Richard Reed Parry (bass, guitar), William Butler (keyboards, guitar), Tim Kingsbury (bass), Sarah Neufeld (violin), and Jeremy Gara (drums). Howard Bilerman, who played drums on the album Funeral, has since moved on to other projects.

LMFM Says: 
Since 2004 Arcade Fire have been capturing the imagination of the masses. Their unique brand of melancholy is so beautiful it breaks the heart and generates electricity in the ether. Their first album was inspired by personal tragedy and their second by apocalyptical tragedy for mankind. Oscar Wilde said that art was useless - it has no function at all. All we ask of it is beauty. But beauty is the vital life blood for all of us and it ends up being the most useful thing in existence (Do you see what he did there)! Arcade Fire's music nothing if not beautiful.

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