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About Livemusic

About Livemusic

What's Livemusic all about?

If they can't cut it live, we're just not interested. helps you find the best local gigs and the cheapest tickets online. Whether it's your favourite artist or the hottest new band, you’ll find it first on

With over 30 years combined experience working in the music business our team has seen it all. From iconic artists who fueled the fires of Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, to the new young bloods who will be the idols of tomorrow.

Do they look right? Have they got a record deal? Who cares?! All we want to know is: can they kill on stage? We know when they've got it - and if you don't agree then you can tell us and every other live music junky out there. On you'll find out who you should be catching live before it's too late, and next thing you know, they're appearing as a blip in some stadium not near you.

And if you know something we don't, then let everyone know on

It all counts - from the O2 to the sweaty basement of the Troubadour (where the likes of Hendrix and Dylan cut their teeth), from the good and the bad to the downright f*** ugly. It's out there and you'll hear about it on Because live music is more than a passion. We need our regular gig fix to survive.

Why live music?

Good question. Why hang out in a smoky den with a hundred sweaty, jostling people armed with plastic pints overflowing with cheap lager? Why suck a bass-line into your brain and glimpse the meaning-of-existence-for-tomorrow-you-die?

Why not dig the alternative: dead music? iPod sounds you hear in your head, but can’t feel in your bones. Music you don’t need to get out of bed for. Because if you still want to hangout with other people you can always share a wet-wiped earpiece, crowd surf the bus queue, or slam-dance your fellow tube commuters.

Or you could go to a gig. Tonight. Because there is nothing on earth, or on the bus, quite like it.

Because you will never forget the first time - that expectation as the band slouched on stage, the realization they were better in the flesh than on CD, bouncing along with the crowd and knowing for that moment you’d found your tribe, singling out that girl or boy that you hoped you’d bump into at the bar and that you’d then go and see the next gig together ...

Because you can’t beat that. Because even a shit gig's good. Because you’re not going to drink snake-bite anywhere else.

Because if it’s not live it's dead.

That's why.


Livemusic's Editor

Thom Hawkins

Thom makes up for his lack of multi-tasking skills by nailing one thing at a time really well. His favourite person ever is Emmanuel Frimpong because of his undying love for all things Arsenal. He cried when Frimpong got sold to Ipswich (or whoever it was).

The best thing he ever did was stage dive. He did it once but has no plans to do it again anytime soon. He felt bad about crushing teens faces and giving them black eyes.

On occasions he has been known to argue with people about Kanye West on Twitter until we are no longer friends. / [email protected] /

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